Blesings Garden Wines and Devonshire tea

Blesings Garden
Blesings Garden

At times you come across a real unexpected gem in the most unlikely of places. As we were driving on Sunday from Murray Town up in the Southern Flinders Ranges down to Port Germein and drove past a lovely little sign for a Cellar door and Devonshire tea. Having missed lunch the idea of a scone or two with a pot of tea was just too tempting, so we followed the signs to a lovely remote winery in the Australian Countryside.  With stunning views of the surrounding area, we were greeted by Margo, David, and their lovely dog Papillion.

The scones were some of the best, home baked and just perfect, served with the most delicious fresh cream and a selection of locally handmade jams, and tea – seriously divine!

It was just a perfect afternoon in the countryside and an incredibly all-around Australian experience. David played some subtle classical piano in the background, while the native birds added some music of their own; the sheep grazed contently on the endless golden fields that where the odd Eucalyptus trees swayed in the wind and filled the air with their fresh scent.

Margo & David also joined us for a chat, and we felt so relaxed and at home, as though we were spending an afternoon with friends on the patio enjoying their hospitality. The place has a real charm and is full of stories and history, a definite place to stop in at if you are at all in the Flinders or interested in a country drive.

We have take note of this gem, as it’s definitely a place to go back to spend a lazy afternoon, taste some wine with friends (this lovely local boutique Flinders brand has a selection of awards), and pass the time enjoying a piece of the ‘Real Australia’ in it’s; scenery, charm, hospitality, wine, culture and history.

Bangor Southern Flinders Ranges

White Park Road, Bangor, South Australia

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