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Is blogging – still a thing?

A friend recently asked me, yet me this in all earnest.

For someone who works with content, I had to roll my eyes and try not to throw myself on the floor screaming and crying. I held back – and wondering if replying was still a thing.

The answer to the question depends on you. Either:

  1. You don’t blog
  2. You blog and do it badly
  3. You blog and your blogs rock

Now if you are at #1, please skip #2 and go straight to #3. If you are #2, you can either evolve to #3, or do the entire world a favour and move back to #1.

The world doesn’t need more content for content’s sake, the internet is already an oversaturated place.

Luck has nothing to do with it

You might be thinking that other people are lucky. That they have some innate ability to write and connect with their audience. That they have inside contacts or ginormous budgets that bring them traffic.

Or that they have secret insider knowledge…

I am here to tell you that all-of-the-above is likely to be true.

The real secret, is much simpler, although ignore at your own peril. People and companies that succeed with the blogs are above all:

  • Consistent
  • Network and have an inbound/ outbound link strategy
  • Cross promote their blog on various social media channels
  • Share blog posts in their newsletters
  • Well written and easy to read

But their number #1 Secret:

‘They know it’s not about them’.

They put their reader at the heart of their blog.

How do I know this:

Once upon a time (bear with me), I used to attend events. During a particularly mind-numbing presentation. Where an engineer was droning on about the wingnuts of a plane (I kid you not). A wise man leaned in and said: “Find one useful thing to take away from each presentation, and it will have been worth your while”.

He was right. If I can find a gold nugget in each presentation after a few days I will be richer than when I arrived.

Now from that particular presentation, I learned that I have no love for the nuts and bolts of planes. Plus, I should always check who is speaking. If it’s the chief engineer it is unlikely that he’ll be speaking my language.

But in all honesty blogging or creating content is the same.

If you only go on about how awesome you are (we have all met this person) or wingnuts, people will switch off. We all want to know what’s in it for us.

Now, your product may be the most incredible thing on the planet. But if it’s a plane’s wingnut, it’s not going to mean much to me unless I own the plane. Sadly, I don’t own a plane. Yet!

How to get your audience’s Attention:

Now, this reminds me of the words of a wise woman I once met. She told me “if you talk to a man about himself, he’ll listen for hours”. I’ve tried it, it works. Yet, while funny this is true of wether talking to a man or woman. Talk to anyone about themselves and you will find they’ll listen for hours.

At the end of the day, it’s not about you or your product or services. Sorry…

While people will enjoy your antidotes, in reality, people use these to find common ground – do they relate to you?  Are you part of their tribe?  How does your experience tie in with theirs and what does it mean in the grander scheme of things.

So today’s golden nugget is to write to and for your audience. Know them and see what you can provide to them that would be of value. What can you give them, share with them that makes them feel that they’ve won a few golden nuggets of their own.

By the end of your blog post, they’ll feel richer for having read it.

Thankfully blogging isn’t dead, it’s as relevant today as a wingnut on a plane.  For those in the air – a wingnut is exactly where you want it to be and you’ll be glad someone was passionate enough to care to make it work so well.

Blogging too can take you to new heights, depending on how well you know your audience, and what you have to share.




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