Is Marketing a four letter word?

So you hate MKTG? (yes, let’s turn marketing into a four letter word)

Marketing: You know for yourself, your business you need to do it…. but (argh) you hate MKTG. You roll your eyes, get queasy, put it off for as long as you possibly can.

At some point in your business life, someone is going to ask, about your marketing? How is it going? What is your strategy, plan, target audience? BOOF, WAAM, BAAM (*insert Batman graphics*)

Argh: You know you have to do it, but you still hate marketing.

At first, you think brochures, facebooks ads, and blogging. While all you end up with is having sleepless nights over followers –  if you have any.  Can’t you do something else? anything but marketing?

You bury your head in the sand, avoid it at all costs.

Deep down you know you offer a superior product, incredible services and you know your stuff. You’re a perfectionist. It’s close to perfect.

Surely the world will find out and come knocking.  *insert long silence*

You also know what you offer adds real value to people’s lives and even the world at large. Word of mouth should be a viable way to market yourself… but it’s not.

Why isn’t our marketing working

Now, word of mouth is a catch 22 game. People that do use your products and services love them, but it’s not their job to share it with the world. Also, getting the initial people (beyond friends) interested can be tricky.

For any business to be sustainable, in a way that you can sleep at night, eat food and put a roof over your head. A fair bit of business needs to come in the door, at a steady rate.

Yes, I agree, its super fabulous that you are doing what you love.

It’s even more super duper fabulous that people love it too. You are following your heart, and the universe supports that when we move forward.

When we put our best self forward the universe supports us. When we create the momentum of movement in the right direction – yet we need to create the momentum.

Now, I can hear the little voice in your head – ‘please don’t tell me I need MKTG to create that momentum’?…

Can I let you in on a little secret, I hate MKTG too. I work in marketing, where data and ROI (return on investment) drives decisions. There is a chart for everything. At times I can’t help but wonder if I am marking to the upper echelons who want results or fellow humans.

Yet, I am a conscious human being who notices it when people roll their eyes at the fact I work in marketing. It’s as much of a conversation stopper as being an accountant or lawyer. I’ve heard speakers that I admire say that people that working is marketing and advertising are scum. Me, Is that me?

Not a day goes by that I don’t come across the most incredible people. These people are doing amazing work in the world, yet struggle to get their message and work out. Why, because they hate marketing and the way things have always or are being done!

They don’t want to sell out, become the scum they roll their eyes at. Surely, there a better way?

Can we redefine what MKTG means?

The terminology has been to a large extent misused and abused. Marketing is simply bringing products and services to market. Once upon a time, it was the only way to sell your bananas.

Now we are faced every day with slick marketeers intent on selling and conning us out of all our hard earned dollars. And they’ve given marketing a bad name.

But, we are not all like that. So I’d like to change and redefine what it means to market and sell your services and products.

I prefer to see it as sharing, engaging and connecting with those that need and would love what you are offering. In which case you are not selling but doing them a service.

Lives would be all the poorer if you hadn’t inspired, helped and motivated them with what you have to offer. You’d be doing the people a disservice by not putting yourself out there.

Imagine if Ghandi, Leonard D’vinci,  Mother Thersa didn’t put themselves out there. Would the world have been better by their playing small?

There is a lovely story about a paramedic that saved a man’s life after an accident. Only to find it was the doctor that had saved him at birth. Read it here. This story demonstrates that any small action today may have an impact in the future.

You never know what your own impact is on the world, and the difference you might miss out on making, if you don’t step into who you are, and put it out there.

The world needs you – it’s short on authentic, honest, spectacular people!

Now let’s put saving the world aside for tomorrow. And focus on ourselves again – there’s only so much we can do in one day.

Our business challenge lays in the messaging. And how we go about what we do as business owners and marketeers.

Can we dare to change the status quo?

Can we Redefine how we do MKTG?

When marketing, keep in mind that your message is going from human to human.

You know your product, and you know who it would benefit the most from what you are offering. So where these fellow humans and big-hearted souls hanging out? Can you approach them on their terms in a way and language that matches and speaks to them?

To your own self be trueCan we connect, as one human being to another? Without all the superlatives and excessive overpromising?

Can we ask for feedback? And then use that to expand and improve our services, and use it for testimonials. I’ve found that most like-minded people are always thrilled to help with this.

Can we partner with like-minded businesses, which fit in with our values? Creating win-win situations that serves us both?

Can we avoid sounding like a used car salesman and instead; educate, share and give of ourselves in helpful ways?

Can we together redefine what marketing means to us, and how we want to present ourselves to the world?

The real question, is can we stand tall as our best authentic selves and be ok with that? All while confident enough to let the world know it, in equally authentic ways?

I will leave you with the oh so famous words of Henry Ford

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

I think that we can redefine marketing like we can start redefining anything that no longer suits us. I am committed to doing just that.

I strongly believe the world is a big magical place and we add more beauty and uniqueness to what we have to offer when we do it in our own way. Let there be Rainbows instead of billboards 😉

If we all did that, acted true to ourselves,  imagine what this new world would look like. Everyone their own best self, and marketing with integrity in an honest to truth kinda way…

If nothing else, at least let us start the conversation. I would love to hear from you and your thought and feelings on and around marketing, and new ways to approach it.

From my heart to yours, Michelle xx

Beautiful photos thanks to:

Richard Horne on Unsplash

Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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