about me

So who am I

I’m a Business professional with over 25+ years of international experience. I’ve worked in both corporate as well as the agency side of business in companies both large and small. Specializing in the areas Digital/ Marketing/ Events/ Travel – and most importantly people.

For me it’s not as much about a product as it is the people.  The Human Factor that is slowly being forgotten, while at the same time the need for connection is more critical than ever.

On a personal note: I am not from any one place, I am a nomad, I pick up life experience and knowledge throughout my endless wanderings both far and wide.  As such I am an eternal student of life, evolving consciousness, creative endeavours and social anthropology.

I love: the people in my life, planet earth in all her glory, the ocean, Flowers, with a special love of butterflies, love and really love great Chocolate, ice cream! Travelling, meeting amazing people, Sunshine, what I love the most and aspire to is the constant renewal and ever expanding evolution of consciousness that drives us forward.

I believe in: Smiling, Laughing, enjoying life, experiencing new things, constantly evolving – Growing, Learning, Loving, Freedom, good old fashioned Integrity and being Authentic.

I am interested in: Travel, Ancient History & Civilizations, Sacred sites, Yoga, Qi gong, Mythology, Craft, Health and Well Being.

My favourite all time experience is the afternoon I spent with the whales of Northern Patagonia. Seven mothers and their calves swam gracefully around the boat, their singing created a poignant sea opera. Leaving us all with tears in our eyes.   If everyone in the world could for just a moment experience such beauty and love – the world would be a different place.

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