Hello there, Let me introduce myself: I am Michelle

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there was a young girl that a small epiphany that she’d never be a princess, have a castle or a hoard of gold.  Despite that big heartbreak she decided to NEVER to give in to mediocrity.

You guessed it, that’d be me.

Now, I was honest on all accounts, although still a bit of a princess at heart – I stand strong and proud that I’ve not sold out to a life of mediocrity.

I hope you that you too would like to join me in avoiding mediocrity… Life is too short to be mediocre.

I am a well-traveled nomadic soul with international experience in business development, sales, travel, marketing, digital, communications, and events.

I’ve worked in big corporates, wee little companies and geez there are times my company was so small, it was just me.

Whether I work for myself or a company, it doesn’t change the amount of heart I bring to the job, that I have for people and this gorgeous planet we live on.

On a practical note, I am a big fan of Automated Marketing and am HubSpot Certified in Content Marketing, Marketing and Sales Software.

The essence of that heart and my work is:

  1. People: Its all about people, you and your audience.
  2. Ideas: There is nothing like having an idea and bringing it to life.
  3. Digital: Technology is a tool, and if we utilize it correctly it leaves us much more time to do the things we really enjoy, such as making, creating, communicating and giving us more time with those we care about.

The Human Factor is slowly being forgotten, while at the same time the need for connection is more critical than ever. Which is where I can help you, together we can create, grow and engage those human to human connections.

So enough about me already – really this is all about You!

Are you a small business owner, who is wearing so many hats that you have moments where you struggle to remember your own name?

Lost in the hustle and bustle looking to carve out some time for yourself, step back and regain some time to do what you do best?

Whether you are running your own travel agency, offering heart lead services, or are a talented creative with soul.  You have moments that you wish a fairy godmother can wave her magic wand and do all the work you don’t enjoy so you can get back doing what you went into business in the first place.

I hear you, I have that too.  Running a business is tough, every dollar counts and really we just want to work with wholehearted people and make the magic we love happen.

I am here to be your marketing arm (cheerleading, wand waving, magic creating, marketing person with a big heart).  A marketing department might be a stretch at this point in your business, but a comrade in arms, who works besides for you and your brand, who’s as passionate about your dreams as you are – might be just what you need.

So whatever your budget, I’d love to hear what you are working on and where I might be of service.

Now, I am not a fairy godmother (sounds old and boring), nor am I really a princess (even though I often dream of castles).

What I do have is both feet on the ground, the energy and drive to make things happen, and a deep understanding of business, whatever its size.  I know first hand it’s tough.  Yet, know you don’t have to do it alone.

At the end of the day, I am here for you.  Feel free to fill in the contact form and let’s see together what is possible: 


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