about me

So who am I

Am a truly a citizen of the planet earth – the universe and beyond, was Dutch-born, grew up in Australia –  lived here there and everywhere; Italy, UK, Costa Rica, Switzerland, Argentina, Uruguay and just recently returned to Australia. Be assured that I fully enjoy traveling this wondrous planet.  I’ve worked in Marketing/ Advertising/ Events/ Communications / New Media / eCommerce. Currently also find myself studying and expanding, even more, broader fields such as Healing and Holistic Health, Thai Yoga Massage, EFT, qi gong, Meditation, and Yoga. On top of that, I’ve had a rather creative streak in the last few years and love making,  or attempting to make anything I desire, hats, bags, purses, scarves, skirts, mandalas, orgonite, ointments, actually the list is rather endless so best stop there. What an interesting adventure this thing called life.

Loves: the people in my life,  planet earth in all her glory, the ocean, flowers, with a special love of butterflies, love and really love great chocolate, ice cream! Travelling, meeting amazing people, sunshine, as well as new – insightful, beautiful designs –, unique handicrafts, gorgeously comfortable hotels & scrumptious food served in ambient surroundings – meaningful media, and am always looking for what’s happening / where / how / why……. at the end of the day, what I love the most and aspire to is the constant renewal and evolution of consciousness that drives our lives forward.

Believes in: Smiling (not just ‘cause it’s free because it makes me happy), enjoying life, experiencing new things, changing/growing constantly evolving – growing, learning, loving, equality, pure good old fashioned integrity, avoiding mediocrity and being authentic.

Interests: Spirituality, healing, evolution, healing, meditation, yoga, qi gong, Design (structural/ web/ interior/ fashion), trends, the future, history, mythology, art, writing, reading, crochet, knitting, making stuff, travelling, cooking + eating, sleeping, swimming, long winded discussions (chewing the fat as they say) & life – living.

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