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Why Relevant Content, is and will always be Relevant…

Relevant: Closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.

So let us together first define relevant content:

How many new emails come into your inbox each day?

What percentage of those to you read, file and delete?

If you did read a few of those emails that made it through, ask why you opened it?

Most likely it was either from someone you know, or a company/ industry that shares valuable information.

Of the few emails you read, which gave you value for the time you took to read it? That value could be seen as information, wisdom or a timely deal.

If there is an email that has done this for you today – then that email was relevant.

It was worth the few minutes that you spent reading it.

Whether the contents of that email make you laugh, smile or cry is irrelevant.  The fact that it had an impact and made it’s way to you without you deleting, unsubscribing or filing it.

This is something, and it’s worth considering why.

Why do we need Relevant Content

You see, at this point in our history most of us get countless emails into our inbox per day, we are showered by hundreds if not thousands of advertising messages and companies that are vying for our attention.

With so many companies asking for your attention – ask yourself, which are actually giving you something in return?

I, personally unsubscribe recklessly. If I receive 3 emails from a company that have had no value or I haven’t read, I don’t want to waste time filing.  I know that I don’t have the time to read them… so I unsubscribe.

Yet, there are a few emails that I always read.  They are well written, and always give me information or a story that I can use.

I challenge you to be relevant:

This week, right now, I’d like you to turn things around, and ask yourself – not what your audience and customers can do for you.  But what can you share with them?  What insights into your industry would they find valuable?

If you are a travel agency, would use to share that flights are cheaper if you buy on Wednesday if you are a consultancy would it be useful for clients to know what questions they should ask when looking for a consultant.

If you are a coach, in what way could someone coming to see you prepare to get the most out of a session.

Not sure where to start, then look at the top 10 questions your customers ask you and answer them, one by one.

In all honesty by sharing this valuable information with your audience you are also setting expectations, sharing and answering their questions before they’ve asked them. It has the lovely bonus of better preparing, educating them ahead of time, which may also save you time and help you to serve them better.

Relevant content = Making the world a better place

Have you ever heard of the old adage:

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it.

Can we change it nice to relevant:

If you don’t have anything Relevant to say, then don’t say it.

If I may be frank, we live in a world where we are promised everything and actually receive very little.  I didn’t get thinner, ageless or more beautiful by eating that yogurt. I didn’t find the perfect man and his manor house with my new perfume.

Actually, we are forever being sold ideas and empty promises.  The opportunity to share relevant content with your audience is your first step in creating a valuable long-lasting relationship with them. Don’t waste it.

Rather than adding to the barrage of useless information that is out there on the internet, newspaper, and TV. Why not add value, be generous with what you have to offer, and more than anything if you can do one thing today share ‘Relevant’ content.

If I had one favor to ask of you, only ever share ‘Relevant content’.

Warmest fuzzy vibes, Michelle

p.s.  I hope you found this Relevant 😉

p.p.s.  Big fat thank you to Valeriia for photo; Valeriia Bugaiova

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