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To get me through my all stages of my life, wherever I am working – there are always a host of services I do/ or have used, am inspired by that I am happy to recommend. Like the perfect cup of tea, at whatever time of the year, these are best shared.  You can find them here:

Website Hosting via*
I’ve used One for all of my websites over the last 8-9 years, and have moved others websites over to them as well. I’ve never had any issue, their pricing is competitive and their service rocks.

Serious Blogging* by Jon Morrow
Whether you are looking to improve your blogging for your travel or business site, Jon is the man to help.  He’s blogging style is authentic (yes, so honest at times it might kick you where it hurts), engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring.  Don’t believe me, go read his inspirational blog post that’ll leave anyone in tears here.  Of course more than all that though, he’s incredibly generous with what he knows, and have connected to your inner blogger in no time.

Guest Blogging* by Jon Morrow
Once you’ve learned how to blog and would like to promote your site and name on other blogs, be sure to check out Jon’s second course on Guest Blogging – highly recommended.

Images to me can make or break a site or a decent piece of content, images that are used everywhere and that scream ‘STOCK IMAGE’  or even worse FREE STOCK IMAGE are even worse, and I believe in some cases can do more harm than good. We want our images to give people a feeling, a sense of who we are and what we are about – with the right images we can do that without words.  Which is why I use Unsplash, they have a great selection of Modern, Fresh and attractive images to use.  You don’t need to leave a credit, I always try to – my way of thanking the photographer for their great work, although I can’t always pay them for it.  I can when I do have money use the buy them a coffee option and rate their photos too.

The featured photo is thanks to: rawpixel on Unsplash