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Social Media

Making the most out of your Social Media Presence

Are you on social media because others have said you should be?  At the point that you are wondering whether it has any benefits or whether you should write it off as a failure?

Social media can do great things for your company when done right.  Here are a few points for you to keep in mind to make the most of your Social Media Presence:

Are you on the right Social Media Platform for your Business?

Just like you are more likely to hang out in a local café with that ‘it’s cozy, funky and I wish it were my home’ atmosphere than McDonald’s to spend a few hours working on your laptop.

You want to make sure that you are hanging out on the right platform for you and your business.  That means that we want to be somewhere you feel comfortable and where you have the opportunity to hang out with those fellow humans that are likely to be interested in the services and products that you offer.

I don’t think there is a need to be on all social media.  Choose the most suitable channel for your business and focus on doing that well.

Be Relevant

I’ve written about the importance of being relevant in my previous post, and this is not just for your content but also for social media.  This is when you need to question whether the funny cat video or “I hate Monday’ post really fits with who you are and your company.

If having a cat photo fits in with the behind scene look into your creative life, then yes it works. But think about the messaging you put out and how it is relevant to your audience.

If they are following you on social, why?  Do you give and share advice, tips, value or a story:

Tell a Story

Your followers are following you because of who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to share that with them, tell them what makes you tick. Can you show a behind the scenes look at your work? where are you vulnerable and what are your challenges? What success have you had that you can share? What is the story behind the image that you are posting.

Don’t be afraid to show them who are you really and what makes you and your services unique:

Be your most authentic Self

This means who you really are, even if you have someone doing your social media for you. Make sure they are offering an authentic representation of who you are. There is a tendency when it’s outsourced to only focus on the ROI (Return on Investment) or numbers.

Personally, I would rather than 10 engaged contacts than 10’000 unengaged followers.  Which is why it gets my goat when people have the follow/ unfollow strategy.  Somewhere in the hope that one of those 10’000 may notice you, or what you are offering. It doesn’t support you or the relationships that you hope to build.

It’s about remembering that we are human, and relating to another human being. The best basis for that and any relationship for me is authenticity.

Be Consistent

Owning a company and working for yourself is a Commitment, and means being consistent, and it’s the same for your social media presence.

Turn up, and turn up consistently.

You can plan your posts via a platform like Hootsuite. Doing this allows you to plan your posts in advance so that you don’t need to spend time on it every day.  Plan ahead, decide on how many posts would suit the platform you are on per week.

Make sure the look, feel and messaging is consistent – no thank god it’s Friday one week and being pro Monday the next.

Finally, be Social

There is a reason it’s called social media, that is so you can be social and connect with other human beings.  This is an incredible opportunity to engage with those that you would like to do business with. An open forum, and hang out and chat with them, relate and see where you can be of service.

If you see it as an opportunity to connect and learn, you’ll enjoy and gain so much more.  As will those that you connect with.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash